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Timely treatment of sow dystocia


Sow dystocia can be encountered by many farmers. If the treatment is not timely, it will cause the death of piglets. If it is serious, it will cause the death of both mothers and children, causing serious economic losses to the pig farm.

sow dystocia

(1)Symptoms of dystocia:

1. The amniotic fluid has flowed out, and the sows are struggling and breathing fast, but no fetus is produced

2. After a piglet is produced, no piglet is produced after an interval of 1 to 2 hours. The sow is restless and roars,

Reasons for sow dystocia:

1. Back sows are mated too early and the pelvis is not fully developed. At present, many pig farms use grown up binary sows or large grown binary sows or internal ternary or external ternary sows. Although these sows have oestrus, they have not reached physical maturity.

Many farmers, especially new farmers who have just started to enter the breeding industry, will be jealous when they see other pig farms earn money. No matter whether the sows have reached physical maturity, they will be mated early. Although this will also be successful, the sows have not yet reached physical maturity, It is easy to have sow dystocia.

2. Sows, especially back sows, have a large intake of food, are fed too fat, and the uterine contractility is weakened during childbirth

3. Sows are poor in nutrition and weak in physique. At present, the price of pigs is low, and pig raising does not earn money. Some farmers are unwilling to feed more feed. Sows are very thin, or sows are too fat, and lack of exercise.

It is easy to cause abortion, resulting in a small number of pregnant piglets, too large fetuses, or new farmers feed pigs too fat, and feed them too early in the later period, resulting in too large fetuses

4. The fetal position and delivery posture are not correct, and it is difficult for the sow to deliver by herself

5. Urine accumulation in the bladder or constipation in the sow during delivery, and feces accumulation in the intestines

6. Congenital stenosis and edema of vulva

7. Premature midwifery or incorrect repeated midwifery, leading to vaginal edema in sows

8. Vaginal prolapse caused by excessive abdominal pressure during labor or delivery

(2)Preventive measures for sow dystocia:

1. The streamline of the pig body shall not be required too much when selecting the back sows. Generally, the probability of dystocia is high when the hips of the sows are too full.

2. Back sows weighing about 160 kg, and the hind limb gap does not exceed one punch when standing, are prone to dystocia

3. The vulva of the back sows is upwarped, and it is easy to have dystocia if the vulva is too small

4. Back sows were mated for 8-10 months, the second and third time of estrus, weighing about 130 kg. Before mating, swine fever, small, pseudorabies, blue ear, ring, Japanese encephalitis, foot and mouth disease and other vaccines were administered twice

5. After the sow is pregnant, decide the amount of feed according to the sow’s body condition, and strengthen exercise to ensure 70% or 80% fat

6. Properly supplement calcium and phosphorus additives to prevent and control the late calcium deficiency of sows

(3)Countermeasures for sow dystocia:

1. If it is found that the contraction of the sow is weak or hard, and the uterine contraction is not strong, 30 to 40 units of oxytocin can be injected intramuscularly, a small amount of oxytocin for many times, with an interval of 30 to 60 minutes each time

2. The sow is short of breath and struggling. You can insert the vas deferens into the birth canal to see if there are piglets blocking the birth canal. If there are some pigs, you can quickly intramuscularly inject 2 branches of chloroprostenol for artificial midwifery

3. If the fetus is too large to enter the birth canal and has dystocia, cut the flat fingernails, apply lubricant to the arms, wash and disinfect the vulva with 0.1% potassium permanganate solution, then go deep into the vagina, adjust the piglet’s posture, and pull out the piglets with the efforts of the sow

4. If the fetus is hard to pull, push the piglet back to the uterus of the sow, and then pour two bottles of Gongjingkang into the vagina, which can play a role in lubrication and reduce birth canal edema

5. If the sows’ birth canal is narrow and the above measures are still not effective, only Caesarean section can be carried out

6. If the sows have been in labor for more than 5 hours and find that the sows are weak, they can supplement energy by infusion, including sugar brine+vitamin C+houttuynia cordata+cephalosporin, glucose+sodium camphor sulfonate

7. After delivery, clear the palace and diminish inflammation. Sows drink warm bran sugar and salt water

In short, sow dystocia, early detection and early treatment, so as not to cause significant losses.Sow dystocia

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