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4 Effective Cooling Equipment for Pig Farms


Cooling Equipment for Pig Farms

Effective Cooling Equipment for Pig Farms in the process of discharging toxic and harmful gases, reducing the temperature and controlling the humidity in the house

Each kind of equipment has its advantages and disadvantages and different applicable conditions. If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen its tools. Modern high-quality ventilation and cooling equipment is a sharp tool for pig farms to do a good job of heatstroke prevention and cooling, while saving costs and increasing efficiency.

1.Cooling Fan

1.1 working principle

It is composed of wet curtain, fan, circulating water circuit and control device. The water pump sends the water in the water tank to the spray pipe through the water supply pipe. The spray hole of the spray pipe sprays the water to the backwater plate (the spray hole should face up). The water flowing from the backwater plate then passes through the special Cooling Equipment for Pig Farms wet curtain to ensure that the water is evenly wet the whole house wet curtain wall, so as to ensure that the wet curtain surface in contact with air is completely wet.

The water curtain fan can achieve the house of 4 ~ 10 ℃ lower than the outside world. Compared with traditional central air conditioning, it can save more than 80% of equipment investment and80% of the electricity consumption, and has the advantages of easy installation, maintenance, simple operation, extremely low operation cost, durability and so on.

2.Drip Cooling Equipment for Pig Farms

Cooling Equipment for Pig Farms

Drip Cooling


2.1 working principle

This method is suitable for lactating sows and pregnant sows with monomer localization.

2.2 advantages

Cooling Equipment for Pig Farms  is an economical and effective method of hypothermy. Drip cooling system should be used in high temperature and high humidity areas to cool pigs by dripping water on them. It is effective for pregnant sows raised in the limit fence and sows with litter on the delivery bed.

2.3 disadvantages

The water spray nozzle is easy to be blocked by sundries; The dripping effect of high or low water pressure is not good;

3.Spray Cooling system

3.1 working principle

Spray water into fog particles. When the fog particles float in the pigsty, they absorb a large amount of heat in the air and vaporize quickly, causing the temperature of the pigsty to drop. The fog particles are sprayed on the pig, directly absorbing the heat of the pig and vaporizing, so as to achieve the purpose of hypothermy.

3.2 advantages

With this method, The Cooling Equipment for Pig Farms speed is fast, and the room temperature can be reduced by 5 ~ 8 ℃ after starting for 5-10min, and the water consumption is small. In summer, when the outdoor relative humidity is 55% – 60% and the temperature difference between dry and wet spheres is 6-8 ℃, the centralized mist The Cooling Equipment for Pig Farms device can reduce the air temperature entering the house by 5-6 ℃, the average temperature in the house is about 4 ℃ lower than that outside the house, and the relative humidity in the house is generally not higher than 80%.

3.3 disadvantages

This method can not achieve good hypothermy effect in the environment with high humidity; The atomization Cooling Equipment for Pig Farms should not be started for a long time, otherwise the water vapor cannot evaporate in time, and it will not have a good Cooling Equipment for Pig Farms.

4.Influencing Factors of Common Cooling

The cooling effect is often affected by various factors, which makes the hypothermy effect unsatisfactory. The following are several

4.1 sealing degree of air inlet

Water curtain cooling refers to the exchange of heat and water when the incoming air passes through the water curtain, but if the wind does not enter through the water curtain, there will be no cooling effect. Use water curtain to cool down

The pigsty is generally long with many windows in the middle. If the windows are poorly sealed, it will cause a short circuit of gas. The wind drawn from the windows is not the cooled air, but

It is the hotter air outside, which can not only reduce the air temperature, but also increase the local temperature. Therefore, it is required that all air inlets must be sealed when the water curtain is cooled to prevent short circuit of air flow.

4.2 water supply and drainage during cooling

When using the water curtain to cool down, the water consumption is large. If the water source of the pig farm is insufficient, or the power supply is insufficient in the high temperature season, the water supply will be insufficient, affecting Production.

4.3 fan coverage

Only when the wind blows to the pig’s body can it have the Cooling Equipment for Pig Farms effect, while in areas where the wind cannot blow or the wind is very weak, there is no effect or the effect is not ideal. When using the fan, you must pay attention to whether the wind can blow to the pig.

4.4 effective area of windows

Windows have the functions of lighting and ventilation. At present, many pig farms only consider lighting rather than ventilation, such as aluminum alloy sliding windows. The ventilation area of sliding window is only half of the whole window, so effective ventilation cannot be carried out. In addition, the location of the window also has an impact on the ventilation effect. Generally, the air inlet located at the lower floor has a better the Cooling Equipment for Pig Farms

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