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Farrowing crates for breeding sow

Farrowing crates for breeding sow

As one professional farrowing crates supplier and manufacturer, Mus Agro provides different types and styles of farrowing crates, Europe pipe farrowing cage, America solid bar farrowing pen, China pig farrowing pen.
Mus Agro factory has sufficient stocks farrowing crates for sale, pig farrowing crates price is competitive, delivery time is short, for more information you can email us

Pig Farrowing crates

Farrowing crates is aslo called  farrowing cages, farrowing pen, sow pen, breeding crate and pig birthing pen, it is the key equipment in the sow farms.

As one important pig birthing pen , farrowing crates is specifically designed  for sows to produce piglets and feed the piglets till weaning ,supply a comfortable,safe and clean breeding cratefor sows and piglets.The piglets are kept on a clean and comfortable place, farrowing crate can also prevent the piglets from being treaded on and crushed by sows.


Farrowing crates have feeders and drinkers for both sows and new pigs, the creep feeder and small drink bowl can help pigs start to eat the feeds , reduce the excessive consumptions for sows milks.

The floor of the farrowing crates is slat flooring, pig manures falls into the pit through the slatted floor , which can reduce the risk of piglets getting disease caused by fecal contamination.       A heating and keeping warm area is designed inside the farrowing pen,which can provide a warm environment around 30 ℃ to the  new born piglets, as as to improves the survival rate of the piglets.

Farrowing crates provides the safe and comfortable environment for the sows childbirth and breeding, also helps to improve PSY of the farms . At the same time, farrowing crate has a great influence on the lactation and energy recovery of the sows.

China farrowing crates manufacturer – Mus Agro

At present , Mus Agro factory have an annual production capacity output of 160,000 sets of farrowing crates, in the Mus Agro warehouse, there are sufficicent stocks farrowing crates for sales, all farrowing crates prices is reasonable and competitive .


As one china farrowing crates supplier, Mus Agro farrowing crates are designed scientifically, easy to install and operate, and can meet the pork production farm requirements of different scales  pig farms , Mus Agro earned lots praises from the farms owners for farrowing crates good quality and service.

Farrowing crates inspection

All of pig crates by Mus Agro are produced by high accuracy equipment for blanking welding and hot-dip galvanizing process, average zinc layer thickness above 85um,which can guarantee the long years service life, so as to make sure all pigs crates quality is well guaranteed.

Components of Farrowing crates

As one farrowing crates factory , Mus Agro can produce various types farrowing crate according to the client requirement , sow farrowing cages frame can be made either by steel pipes or steel bars , the farrowing pen can be PVC  or steel fence, sow crate floor can be either steel bar slat floor or cast iron slat floor.


  • Crates and penning

Main fence material high quality steel pipe after welding integral hot dip zinc and PVC panel , The main frame is welded with a 3.2cm tube, which can adjust the width of the pig bit and is equipped with a piglet anti-pressure bar which can be adjusted to avoid the sows lying down and pressing the piglets. And PVC panel use thicken high quality PVC fence panel ,thickness 3.5cm,excellent impact resistance ,easy for dismantle and transportation.


Sow crate floor can be welded with tri bar slat floor or cast iron floor,  both steel floor surface will no damage to sows’ nipples and anti-skid

Piglet area is always plastic slat floor, plastic slat floor is made of high-quality engineering material polypropylene integral injection molding, reasonable structure, high strength, high toughness, anti-brittleness, strong bearing capacity, surface anti-skid treatment, long service life, easy to disinfect, easy to install, thermal conductivity.

Fiberglass beam generally used in conjunction with the floor, used to support the breeding fence, such as farrowing crate, nursery crate, for the farrowing crates Fiberglass beam thickness is 1200mm.


Sow feeding trough: SUS304,thickening tall back stainless steel trough for sow in farrowing crate,no feed slop over,anti-corrosion,no rust and easy to clean,long service life.The inner wall is smooth to avoid being scratched.


Piglet creeper feeder:SUS304,Stainless steel piglet feeder is made of #304 stainless steel;It is mainly used in the farrowing crate to supply feed for the piglets, thus to avoid the food lacking caused by the insufficient milk from big pig.


  • Water drinkers and bowl

The drinking bowl is made of 304 stainless steel the bowl is made of mould and has a thickness of 1.35mm,it guarantees quality and durability.

The quantity and quality of water supply determine the growth and development of pigs, and 70% of the piglets’ body is water.The pigs drink enough water, and the benefits come naturally. The high-quality stainless steel drinking bowl does not hurt the pig’s mouth and saves water.


  • Heating lamp and warm cover

Heating lamp Material: waterproof hard glass,different color available, wattage Range: 30W-375W. One piece high quality aluminum lamp shad,thickened copper high temperature resistant ceramics, reinforced anti-tear protection net, high grade aluminum fast radiator,superior quality resists harsh environmental erosion,lampshade product serving millions of farms.

Warm cover:Piglets Incubatorfiberglass warming cover for piggery, fiberglass thermal hoods are better to collect of warming and avoid spreading heat all around than aluminium products and save electricity and won’t burn pig and operators.


  • Farrowing crate rubber mat

Rubber mat is working with heating lamp and warm cover,prevent the cold air keep from the plastic slat floors


Outstanding advantages of Farrowing crates

  • Overall hot dip galvanized processing to the steel pipe or bars, which makes it has high anti-corrosion, rust prevention, great durability.
  • Triangle steel slat or cast iron slat floor for sow cage, smooth surface make sure it will not injure sow’s nipples, tail end openning door for efficicent manure removal
  • Plastic floor for piglets with smooth surface, which is easy for waste to leak down and will not injure piglets’ feet,heat mat and creep feeder can be installed above the slats
  • Reversible and washable stainless steel trough in farrowing crate, provide clean, safe feeding place for sow, anti-corrosion material with curved edge design reduce the feed waste
  • Adjustable back door cage design and side fence crate provides comfortable environment according to different sizes of sows. Considerate design of anti-pressing bar to prevent sows pressing piglets when they lay down too quickly


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