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Discussion on pig pulmonary disease-4 effective measures


There will be various diseases during the growth of pigs、Today I would like to talk about pig pulmonary disease.Porcine pulmonary disease, also known as pasteurellosis, hemorrhagic septicemia, swollen neck plague, and throat lock wind, is an acute infectious disease that can be infected by both humans and animals, but pigs are susceptible to it.

pig pulmonary disease

Pigs of any age can be infected. It is characterized by acute septicemia, swollen throat, and high dyspnea. It can die very quickly. If the final treatment is not timely, it can also die of suffocation due to dyspnea

There were many cases of pig pulmonary disease in the past few years, but in recent years it has only happened sporadically. No one has heard of a pandemic among farmers. However, it is not easy to buy the pig pulmonary disease vaccine in our local area because there are few cases.

The animal epidemic prevention station is unwilling to enter this vaccine, saying that it is not profitable at a loss.

Besides, there are few people buying the vaccine, so it is not allowed to enter. In the past, except for single vaccine, there were also three vaccines of swine fever, swine erysipelas, and swine lpig pulmonary disease. Now they can only be delivered from the manufacturer.

There are fewer pigs and it is not cost-effective to get goods from the manufacturer, so there are fewer and fewer such vaccines.

(1) Pathogenesis of pig pulmonary disease:

Swine pens, utensils, pigs are sterilized and disinfected, mosquitoes, flies and mice are not killed in time, the pigsty is hot in summer, cold and humid in winter, the ventilation and heat preservation effect is poor, the density is too high and overcrowded, the feeding is unreasonable, the feed quality is poor, the nutrition is insufficient, or the pigs suffer cold cold, the physique is reduced, the immunity is low, or long-distance transportation, overwork, and the temperature suddenly changes can all cause the disease.

(2) Symptoms of pig pulmonary disease:

The most acute, asymptomatic, sudden death, long course fever without food, body temperature of 40.5 to 42 degrees, purple erythema on the skin, throat, neck and even ear roots, chest fever, redness, hardness, dyspnea, dog sitting breathing, white foam and blood on the mouth and nose, and soon suffocation.

Acute, fever, spasmodic cough, mucinous sputum from mouth and nose, constipation, dyspnea, dog sitting breathing, chest bruit, anorexia, diarrhea, skin erythema, weakness in later stage, suffocation

Chronic, persistent cough, dyspnea, nasal purulent discharge, joint swelling, diarrhea, loss of appetite, untimely treatment, asphyxia

(3) Anatomical Symptoms of Porcine Pulmonary Disease:

There are a lot of bleeding spots in the serosa, mucous membrane and subcutaneous tissue of the whole body, bleeding edema in the throat and neck, with a lot of burnt yellow or cyan cellulose serous, pulmonary edema and bleeding spots in the epicardium. The cut surface of the lung is marble like, and the heart treasure and pleural effusion, and the pleural cavity has cellulose attachment and adhesion to the lung

Pig pulmonary disease needs to be differentiated from paratyphoid fever, swine fever, blue ear, haemophilus parasuis.

(4) Prevention and treatment of pig pulmonary disease:

1. Isolate the sick pigs in time and sterilize them with povidone iodine or potassium bisulfate spray

2. At ordinary times, reduce the density of the pig herd, feed full price feed, ensure adequate nutrition, keep the pig house warm in winter and cool in summer, keep it dry and sanitary, and eliminate mosquitoes, flies and mice in time

3. Intramuscular injection of kanamycin, aminopyrine+dexamethasone+penicillin+streptomycin twice a day for three to five days, smearing the swollen part with ichthyol ointment, drinking water with multidimensional elements, glucose, vitamin C, astragalus polysaccharide

4. Traditional Chinese medicine therapy: Shuanghua, Forsythia, Rhubarb, Paeonia, Belamcanda, Shandou root, Zhebei, Lithospermum, Glauber’s salt, Ophiopogon japonicus, Scutellaria baicalensis, decocted once a day for three to five days

Mixed with doxycycline, Tywanmycin, Qingwen Baidu Powder and multivitamin for one week

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In short, early detection and early treatment, early intramuscular injection of vaccine, good disinfection, and timely isolation of sick pigs.

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