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2 classic pig farming producton procedure designs


There are two types production procedure designs in the modern pig farming, that is  two stages pig farming, and three stages pig farming, here Mus Agro will introduct these two different pig farming producion procedures.

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1.Two stages pig farming layout design

At present, the two stages pig farming layout design production of the newly-built pig farm is the most scientific and advanced production process and the most efficient scheme for disease prevention and purification.

A. Breeding and breeding areas: including breeding boar houses, breeding gilts houses, breeding sow houses, gestation houses and farrowing houses.
Each pig house in European style can be divided into a batch for unit construction, and places with limited land can be constructed in the form of large buildings and small units in American style.

The latter has the advantage of saving land, but it must be equipped with generator sets. There is also a multi storey type pig raising form. The advantage of this form is to save land resources and facilitate epidemic prevention and control. The disadvantage is that the cost is high. It is suitable for large agricultural and animal husbandry companies and areas with limited land resources.

B. Fattening area: for the construction of fattening houses, the area and number of buildings of each unit can be designed according to the number of piglets produced in each batch of sows. The construction form is the same as that of sow.

pig farming

The advantages of the two stage pig farming layout design production mode

Two stage pig farming layout design reduces the times of pig farm transfer, which directly reduces the stress of pig farm transfer, and can achieve the all in and all out system for each batch, which is more conducive to the prevention, control and purification of pig farm diseases, and can also greatly improve the rate of pig farm release.

The two stages pig farming layout deign production process is the most reasonable and efficient with the design, production and construction of three-week batches of sows.

During the construction of fattening houses in each unit, the construction of thermal insulation facilities during the transition period from weaning piglets to fattening houses must be considered. If the heat preservation work at the piglet stage is done well, the breeding rate and growth speed of commercial pigs can be ensured. In addition, the construction of ventilation, cooling and ammonia drainage systems is also very important. These links affect the health level of pigs.

2.Three stages pig farming layout design

A.Breeding area: including breeding boar house, gilts house, breeding house, pregnancy house and delivery house.
B. Weaning piglet nursery: nursery house
c. Fattening area: fattening house.

pig farming

The advantages of the three stage pig farming layout design production mode:

The advantage of three stages pig farming layout design production over two stages production is that it is more convenient to manage and care piglets, which can reduce the area of building fattening houses and save the cost of pig farm construction.
However, the disadvantage is that it increases the number of times the pigs are transferred to the herd, which increases the stress response of the pigs, and also increases the workload of staff transferring to the herd and the workload of cleaning after the empty herd.

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