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pig farrowing crates Introduction-1


Pig farrowing crates are the most important Equipment in pig farms, which have a significant impact on improving the survival rate of piglets, weaning litter weight and pig farm effect.Therefore, I can help you with the pig farrowing crates Introduction here. “pig farrowing crates Introduction” introduces its structure, components, functions and related equipment in detail.

(1)Basic structure of pig farrowing crates

Farrowing crate mainly includes the galvanized metal fence, stainless steel trough, sow and pig drinker,  metal and plastic flooring, insulation lamp,  insulation cover and other components

As shown in the following figure:pig farrowing crates Introduction


1-Incubator; 2-Piglet fence;3-farrowing crate;4-plate;5-Outrigger;6-Fecal groove

(2)  pig farrowing crates Introduction

Farrowing crates is designed specifically for sows to feed and nurture piglets. It can effectively prevent sows from accidentally stepping on piglets.Also, farrowing crates provide a cooler area for the sow and warmer areas for the young pigs.  The flooring is designed to keep the pigs dry which reduces the spread of enteric diseases. Farrowing crates also allow the pork producer to assist in the birth process of pigs.

Farrowing crate mainly includes the galvanized metal fence, stainless steel trough, sow and pig drinker, metal and plastic flooring, insulation lamp, insulation cover and other components.

At present, Farrowing crates, high bed full leakage floors, sow limit bars are set in the middle of the pens, and the feeding, drinking, heating and activity areas of piglets are on both sides. Farrowing crate length is generally 2.2~2.3 meters, height is 1.7~2.0 meters, height from the ground is 15~20 cm, sow limit fence width is 06~0.65 meters, height is 1 meter.

Through the introduction of “pig farrowing crates Introduction”, we know the importance of sow farrowing crate, its significant impact on pig farm effect, as well as the components, functions, dimensions, etc. of sow farrowing fence. Understanding the content of “pig farrowing crates Introduction” may help you and increase your income in the future pig farm breeding. Not only that, our sow farrowing crate has the following advantages:

  1. Robot welding, field anti-acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, long service life.
  2. Easy for sow step in and out of the crate,  sow position can be adjusted according to the needs of the location,  guarantee sows smooth production, the back door open as a whole.
  3. Crate width for sow can adjust according to sow size and parity to prevent sows accidentally stepping on piglets.
  4. Designed free channels at the back of crate, easy for piglet walk and move.
  5. PVC plastic plate fence ,  surface smooth and no burr, will not scratch the piglets, effectively block the spread of bacteria, high mechanical strength, good insulation effect, reduce piglets diarrhea rate.
  6. Farrowing crates standard size 2400 * 1800 * 1000mm, other sizes can be customized.

(3)  Extension of pig farrowing crates Introduction

There are three ways of raising sows. The first is that both empty pregnancy and the whole pregnancy period are fed by monomer limit bars. This method has the advantages of small floor area, easy to observe the estrus of sows and timely breeding, sows do not compete for food, do not fight, avoid mutual interference。

and reduce mechanical abortion, but the investment in individual columns is large, sows have less exercise, which is not conducive to extending the service life of breeding sows; The second kind of empty sows and sows are raised in small herds in the early stage of pregnancy and sows in the later stage of farrowing crates ; The third is to raise all in small groups.”pig farrowing crates Introduction” refers to the later feeding stage of the second situation.

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