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Pig Weaning Crate Introduction-3


I focused on the importance of “Pig farrowing crates“. I want to repeat here Pig farrowing crates are the most important Equipment in pig farms,

which have a significant impact on improving the survival rate of piglets, weaning litter weight and pig farm effect.

Weaning Crate is also an important pig farm equipment.Today’s article “Pig Weaning Crate Introduction” is to introduce its composition, structure and importance to you, so please follow me!

You will get what you want.

Pig Weaning Crate Introduction

 1-Connecting plate;2-enclosure;3-Leaky floor;4-Trough;5-Outrigger

(1)Pig Weaning Crate Introduction

Weaning crate is called weaning stall, it is specially designed to raising the new weaning piglets,

usually the same nest piglets will stay in the same weaning crate, single set weaning crate can keep 20 piglets;

When weight is above 35 kg, the piglets will switch to fattening crate.

Pig Weaning Crate is mainly composed of galvanized steel frame, PVC fence, stainless steel trough, drinking device, plastic floor and supporting beam.

Generally, the adjacent area can share a double-sided stainless steel trough and PVC fence.

weaning crate features

  1. Robot welding, the whole hot dip galvanized treatment, corrosion resistance, long service life.
  2. Flooring: semi-slit floor design, no stool and urine, keep the bed dry and hygienic;  half-seam floor can work well with floor warm system
  3. All PVC fence, fence length and width ratio is 3: 2, the column can be opened and closed as a whole,  PVC fence design both play a role in insulation and easy disinfection
  4. Standard dimension is 3600*2500*650mm, other sizes can be customized

(2) Introduction to the composition of pig weaning crate

The life of piglets who have just been weaned and transferred to the piglet nursery is a big change, from relying on sows to living completely independently. They have poor adaptability to the environment and weak resistance to diseases, and this period is the fastest growing period of piglets. Therefore, a clean, dry, warm and fresh air growth environment must be provided for piglets during the conservation period.

Modern pig farms mostly use high bed net nursery fences, which are mainly composed of metal woven leaky floor nets, fences, automatic food troughs, connecting cards, legs, etc.

The metal woven nets are set on the dung and urine ditches (or solid cement floors) through brackets;The fences are fixed on the metal leaky floor nets by connecting cards;Two adjacent fences are equipped with a double-sided automatic food trough at the interval for two fences of piglets to feed freely, and each fence is equipped with an automatic water dispenser. When raising piglets online, feces and urine fall into the fecal ditch through the fecal leakage floor at any time, so as to keep the net bed dry and clean, so that piglets can avoid fecal substances, reduce the occurrence of diseases, and greatly improve the survival rate of piglets. It is an ideal piglet care equipment.

The length, width and height of the piglet barn depend on the structure of the pigsty. The commonly used piglet care fence has a length of 2 meters, a width of 1.7 meters, a height of 0.6 meters, a side fence gap of 6 cm, and a height of 0.25~30 cm from the ground. It can raise 10~12 piglets weighing 10~25 kg, which has a good practical effect.

In production, according to local conditions, the conservation fence can also adopt a mixed structure of metal and cement,

the East-West fence is made of cement, and the North-South fence is still made of metal, which can not only save some metal materials, but also maintain good ventilation.The conservatory can also adopt cement structure, which can save metal materials and reduce the cost.

Through the content of “Pig Weaning Crate Introduction”, we should understand the Pig Weaning Crate, its approximate size, components,and different types of Pig Weaning Crate.

Through the content of “Pig Weaning Crate Introduction”,we know at least three different types of Pig Weaning Crates, including high bed online nursery, metal and cement hybrid nursery and all cement nursery.

Through the content of “Pig Weaning Crate Introduction”,I will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of these three different nurseries. From the perspective of structure;

Their prices are reduced in turn, but the first kind has a long service life, can give piglets an environment that meets the growth conditions of a master, and its mobility is also higher than the latter two; The input price of full cement and semi cement conservation fences is relatively low, but the reusability is poor, and the environment provided is relatively not as good as that of high bed conservation fences. Of course, this is only a comparison between them, if you can choose according to the actual situation. I can provide you with the best design scheme here.

I’m very glad to see the article “Pig Weaning Crate Introduction”, which can help you in the construction of your pig farm.

The article”Pig Weaning Crate Introduction”, the equipment and design services we provide, can boost your farm benefits.

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