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  • Pig Trough Feeder

    Pig Trough Feeder
      Stainless steel feeder trough Single trough feeder serves multi pigs All stainless steel, easy clean and disinfect M type for back in front out crate system U type for back in and back out crate system Length can be customerized according to crate arrangement
  • Crate/stall For Boars

    Crate/stall For Boars
      Crate/stall for boars, heavy duty design for crate frame, overall hot galvanized surface processing to guarantee durable serice life span; smooth furace to protect boars from hurting
  • Piglet Drink Bowl

    Piglet Drink Bowl
      Piglets drink bowl Specialized deign for piglet water drinking Full stainless steel material, easy clean and longlife Big, medium and small sizes available for different weight
  • Dry/wet Fatten Pig Feeder

    Dry/wet Fatten Pig Feeder
      Dry/wet fatten pig feeder United feed and water supplying Feed control device to reduce feed wasting Single feeder can serve pigs in two fatten groups
  • Piglet Feeder

    Piglet Feeder
    • Application: pig farm for piglet feeding
    • Design concept: convenient piglet feed intake and durable use
    • Key materials: stainless bowl, bowl grid
    • Service: accept customized design and OEM manufacturing
  • Pig Drinker

    Pig Drinker
      Pig dinker is fabricated by stainless steel, it is an ideal drinking device for piglets, sows grower and finishers, it can supply efficicent watering and reduce the wasting of water, as while as keep the barn as dry and clean
  • Chain Disc

    Chain Disc
      Chain disc is made by Nylon, excellent wearing resistant performance Chain is made by manganese steel alloys, strong tensile strength
  • Free Feeder For Sow

    Free Feeder For Sow
      Sow free feeder for sow includes a hopper, which install on sow crates It can automatically drop feed when sow's mouth touch the feeder Feeds drop volume is adjustable, controlled eating volume, free eating and avoid feed wasting
  • Manure Dewater Machine

    Manure Dewater  Machine
      Manure dewatering machine to filter liquid from the manure solids, features high processing capacity, the fitered liqiud can be recycled and solids can be made into organic fertilizers
  • Cooling Pad

    Cooling Pad
      Cooling pad Special treatment corrugated paper, high structure strength, corrosion resistance, long use cycle. Optimize water pump, sink, filter water circulation system, enhance cooling performance. Thickness 100/150mm can be optional, height 600/1500/1800/2000mm can be optional
  • Manure Scraper Machine

    Manure Scraper Machine
      Manure scrapper is an automatic manure collecting equipment, features stable running and high efficicency cleaning, which will reduce the farm water consumptions
  • Ventilation Window

    Ventilation Window
      Farm house ventilation window is suitable for large-scale pig farm as ventilation equipment, to effectively reduce the temperature, prevent disease in the pig farm, can keep the house air flow
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